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Services we provide

  • Solar Roof top Power Plants (Grid Connected & off grid)
    • SPV Panels
    • String Inverters
    • Mounting Structure
    • Accessories
  • Government Approvals
  • Customized System Design
  • Material Provider (MNRE certified)
  • Installation And Commissioning
  • Operation and Maintenance
  • Relocation


We take care of everything and let you focus on what's important for you. It starts with a simple visit to your home to help you understand the benefits of Solar. Once you are ready, we take care of all regulatory approvals, offer you the simplest plans and stand by you as your turn on your lights with clean energy.

The Sun doesn't cost anything.

The Sun shines every morning - you only need a way to harness its energy. We believe clean energy should be affordable for everyone

You save money from day one.

You save money on your utility bill by paying less per unit of energy you consume. Any excess energy you use beyond your solar systems capacity will be credited to your next month's bill.



Large, flat rooftops found on schools are ideal for solar installation.

Cost of solar is fixed and lower than utility cost. You save on your utility bill from day one and have a long-term hedge against increases in electricity costs.

Schools typically recover the entire system cost in four to seven years if they purchase the system and enjoy free energy for the rest of the twenty one to eighteen years.

Students are able to see first-hand how sunlight is converted to electricity. Solar installations can be integrated with your schools math and science programs and used as an educational resource .

Achieve energy independence and be a Zero Emissions School


With rapid payback, strong internal rate of return, and predictable cash flow, commercial solar project is the safest investment you can make for your business. In addition to dramatic reductions in your company's electricity bill, your solar system can generate incremental revenue, effectively creating a new profit centre.  

State and Central Government incentives such as Accelerated Depreciation offer attractive rebates and incentives to encourage businesses to invest in Solar. These incentives can dramatically reduce the upfront cost of Solar while providing predictable long-term revenue stream.

Electricity prices are volatile and difficult to predict. By generating your own clean electricity onsite you eliminate your company's exposure to such price volatility