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Company Profile

Sure Solar is a full solution provider in field of Solar Photovoltaic power generation system and company offering world class EPC, product sale, consulting services for the implementation of Grid interactive/ Off Grid Solar Power projects, Setting up solar power plant sanctioned under guidelines of MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewal energy corporation, Government of India).

Sure Solar delivers green and clean energy by the team of experienced professionals from SPV Solar system design, SPV Solar power generation consultancy, SPV solar system EPC with vision to promote the Clean & Green energy Solutions with small capital investment and benefits for lifetime.

The Governments of India as well as States have come up with Clean and green Energy Policy to provide benefits to the Electrical Power Consumers of all types and usage categories. Sure Solar has entered in the business to spread the knowledge to large electrical consumers and the Domestic Consumers to avail of this Government benefit as well as to bring down their energy bills even earn from smallest generation by providing the power management tips to the our customer.

"Sure Solar have an experienced team to do the Power Requirement Study for large Consumers, Energy Audit, Power Consumption Profiling, Study to install Clean and Green energy Systems.

Our relentless drive to develop innovative product solutions is matched only by our dedication to providing reliable customer support. Using the right combination of innovative products and proven technologies, we are committed to drive down the total cost of installation and provide the right set of solutions for your need.


  • Strive to provide the world's best solar products in terms of quality, price and performance.
  • Aggressively capitalize on the emerging Grid and Off Grid opportunities.
  • Partner with the world's best solar companies for delivering the best quality products.
  • Promote Clean & Green energy Solutions for benefit to the society and environment.


  • We will translate our advanced technologies into value for our customers.
  • We will ensure that our comprehensive Power solutions will spearhead the renewable energy movement for a cleaner and greener environment globally.